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What is KnockWise?

We are a cloud-based SAAS (software as a service) for real estate agents that go door to door to generate business. Our software is web and app based in a complimentary fashion, you can get more info on this in the How It Works section of www.knockwise.com. The web allows user to canvass and area, bringing in property title and MLS data. The application allows response based action planning per property, providing the user with in depth reports showing time based activity for the individual or a team leader (broker / manager) to view team’s results.

Who is KnockWise for?

Target audience is a door knocking real estate agent, a broker or team leader that manages door knocking real estate agents, or a larger brokerage that encourages door knocking lead generation habits.

How does the actual program work?

How does the actual program work?

Please visit the How it works page, and please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for further training.If you’d like to setup a one on training or group training class with our Founder Piere (who is a door knocking expert), please see the Bookings & Training section in the main menu above.

Can i try all the Features before Commitment?

Common question we get: “If i sign up to do the monthly option and see that I like it, can i transition into the annual plan? and will it keep all of my data?” – Yes it will. All data you enter in a free trial will be saved with us forever until you reactivate it. If your trial expires there is a $99 setup fee to reactivate it, but all your data remains intact forever unless you request it to be deleted.

How do I get support?

Please visit our Support page (here) and see the three methods of support. Ticketing, knowledge base videos, youtube channel subscriptions are all strong methods of training, and further support. Refer to FAQ, view the knowledge base training (very common user troubleshooting topics we have taken from 2 years of beta testing), and if you still cannot solve your problem, please open a support ticket and a customer service representative will respond to you within 24-48hrs if not sooner.

How do we know the Data is up to date?

We are tied into a live Title Data API, accessing a database that stretches the entire Unites States, at 100% of the entire homeowner market. We use common data points between Title and Live MLS (southern California for now) API’s to align the proper MLS market activity data with homeowner title data, all neatly geo-mapped and in a records table view.

What is the pricing structure?

We have 3 tiers, individual license, team level (2-99), and broker level (minimum 100). Currently team and broker are in beta and are available to select groups that want to trial the packages out before purchasing for their team. The individual license cost can be found in your account trial after you log in, please open a trial and login to see the current pricing offers for either month to month, or paid in full annual options as well as how to avoid paying the setup fee by upgrading before your trial expires.

Can a broker or team leader manage other agents in the system?

Yes this is our Team Leader or Enterprise level account. Currently the Managing user can view activity for all agents together, or specific ones. Can view homes visited, responses left, tasks generated, tasks completed, access detailed reporting data on specific time management and time per response, and more.

Who can See my Data?

Nobody can see your personal data you enter like notes, your tasks completed, the detailed reports on time spent and specific mail content but you. KnockWise administrators can sometimes see some of this data, but only when authorized to search it in response to a customer service or operations need. If you are an agent under a managing agent or team leader account, then your team leader of course can see your detailed performance data and notation. The title office you do business with may see some limited bits of activity, but nothing more than homeowner records pulled and visit activity since they are legally purchasing the credits on your behalf.

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