Real Estate Farming Ideas – Door Knock Lead Gen.

Knock for CRM Leads
Here’s a real estate farming idea – Learn to Knock real estate property farms without the fuss and difficulty, analytics help you keep track of results, and maintain an accurate and accountable follow-up process. KnockWise simplifies the process of knocking for real estate lead generation, making those human contacts face to face, before maturing them through your other CRM systems with generic mail, other print, or digital real estate marketing collateral. KnockWise door to door CRM, is more of a gateway CRM. We offer a simple real estate farming / lead generation idea, knock 100 doors to meet 80 people – see more real estate farming ideas -mindset training videos on this topic.
Core Principles
These principles will allow you to slowly meet the neighborhood farm, and grow your sphere of influence organically. Some of our case study realtors offering door knocking app reviews attest to how the planner has given them a sense of how to follow-up with previous homes they knocked but had n response. In the KnockWise system we give you preset categories, one of those is “Not Home” … the system understands you need to go back in 10 days, and automatically creates this follow-up plan for you.
Dominate the Data
Analytics give you a feeling of accomplishment 💪 and positive motivation to continue with you hard work. We all know door knocking is the most effective way to lead generate real estate opportunities, but maintaining the details on follow-up and nurture can be so hard – No More with knockWise! – Join the Revolution, Opportunity is knocking.

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