Conrad Mazeika – Real Estate Farming Study

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Meet Conrad from Realty One MV:

Conrad Mazeika has been in real estate since 2013 and is a southern California real estate professional with Realty One, Mission Viejo, Ca. Conrad is a proponent of door knocking, an experienced door knocking real estate agent, an early KnockWise adopter, and a door knocking review / study panelist. Conrad represents our top 30% of users in relation to production volume in doors knocked, and people met. He has produced a very high range of nurtures within the last 12 months in the study, and Conrad himself reports about a 15-20% increase in the number of people he is adding to his database on a monthly basis from door knocking with KnockWise.
See more details form a panel focus group that Conrad participated in: KnockWise Focus Group Panelists

Conrad Mazeika


68% Percentile of Visits - during 2018 study
65% Percentile of Nurtures - during 2018 study
35% Percentile of Opportunities - during 2018 study

Realty One – Mission Viejo

Website: Mission Viejo Real Estate
Linkedin: Conrad on Linkedin
License #: 01991663

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