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For both an experienced door knocker who just can’t deal with the loads of paperwork and back and forth research needed to properly farm a neighborhood, or an eager real estate agent just learning the knocking ropes. Who couldn’t use a leg-up on the competition? Knockwise app will change the way you do real estate door knocking because it’s a program built by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents!


Knock Real Estate with Ease

Empowering local real estate agents with a revolutionary door to door knocking app. Map your real estate farm to get on-demand accurate homeowner and market data through our system. After knocking on the app, manage your follow-up visits and mail on our custom door to door CRM or gateway Real Estate CRM for better conversions. Then track your performance, and identify key performance metrics. This tool puts an end to tiresome, outdated manual notation and planning, with cutting edge technology for farming real estate leads by door knocking.

Real Time, Real Leads, Real Results!

Being one of a handful of door to door sales software as service apps, it’s exciting delivering a highly functional tool to motivate door to door sales people. Even more exciting is that Knockwise is one-of-a-kind door knocking app within the real estate farming industry. Most amazing of all, Knockwise is the only door to door knocking software app to offer true homeowner title and MLS data! You’ve heard the buzz, try our 30-Day Free Trial, and find out for yourself how a small affordable real estate tool can change your business.

"As a Broker of an office I am always looking for new technology to assist the agents in the office. When the opportunity came to have an App for not only iPhones but also Androids for Door Knocking, I was thoroughly intrigued. The Knockwise App is easy to use and really manages the farm area for the agent well, it gives them tasks to complete and holds them accountable."
Melinda Harris Satisfied Real Estate Broker
"It's a total game changer when you can place all the relevant info right after the conversation finishes on the app itself. There's no need to carry additional note pads like in the past to take notes and then do the work over by placing it in another CRM to remind you to follow up. The TASK side of the application reminds you the next day to do your follow up."
Augie Delgadillo Satisfied Real Estate Agent
"I've been a knocker my entire career. I tried using the title companies walking farm, but it wasn't that great. With Knockwise I just tap a house and I know the homeowner name / info. When you knock and ask for someone by name, the occupant's attitude is totally different. This has made me much more effective. If you door knock and don’t have this app, you're losing money!"
Ruth Moisa Satisfied Real Estate Agent
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Built by agents for agents, revolutionizing real estate door knocking for good.

Have Questions? Want to Setup a 1 on 1, or Office Training?

We’re confident Knockwise will have you convinced after a few rounds of farm building. Learning the basics, as well as advanced methods will help you create more opportunities using the app. Take us up on the offer of a single or 4 week accountability training by visiting Bookings & Trainings or calling us at 1-800-565-9220.

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